• Submission
    of paper abstracts:

Papers will be welcome that present:

– Transferable experiments or project lessons

– Applied research results

– Transport policies of international, national, regional or local institutions

– Case and comparative studies

– New policy initiatives

Your abstract should outline the scope of the subject matter addressed, the main ideas presented, the context and the expected conclusions of the proposed paper. The covering page should introduce the author, his/her experience, his/her institutional affiliation and postal, telephone and email particulars. The conference languages are English and French.

  • Deadline for abstracts:

Abstracts should be submitted from the 25th of January 2012 to the 1st of March 2012 on the web site: workon.codatu.org.

  • Format of submitted abstracts:

Proposals must include an abstract in French or English, on a single page -no more than 400 words-, a short bio of the author(s) -150 words- , a picture of the author(s), an image relative to the subject (it could be a graph, a picture, a map, etc.)

  • Additional information required:

If the paper focuses on one or two cities, a brief description of the cities is requested, particularly in terms of urban planning and transport – no more than 400 words. A map of the city is required, and a few key data ( number of inhabitants, annual growth rate, area (km²), motorization rate (4 wheelers and 2 wheelers), modal share, existence of a master plan, budget of the municipality, share spent on transport and urban development).

  • Submission of proposals:

Notification of acceptance: The International Scientific Committee will evaluate the abstracts. If accepted, the author will be contacted before the 25th of April 2012.

Papers should be submitted before the 25th of July 2012.

Submitted papers are subject to a rigorous and selective double-blind peer review.

The final date for delivering final paper and conference presentation material is the 25th of September 2012.

  • Selection of papers:

The selection of papers will be made on the basis of their:

– Relevance to the theme and sub themes announced for the conference

– Rigor, quality and originality

– Relevance for practice

The International Scientific Committee of CODATU XV will give priority to contributions from local actors of southern cities.

For further information, please contact CODATU : codatu@wanadoo.fr.