Workshop in Vientiane (Laos): Choosing a corridor to structure public transport network

Workshop in Vientiane (Laos): Choosing a corridor to structure public transport network
Julien Allaire
Directeur des activités internationales
Publication Thursday 27 February 2014

Transport Authority of Lyon (SYTRAL), Lyon town planning agency and CODATU organize a workshop in Vientiane from 3 to 6 March 2014 in partnership with Vientiane Capital and Lao Ministry of Transport on the theme: “Choosing a first corridor to structure public transit network. Priorities and challenges for the implementation project. ” This work is part of a cooperation agreement committing SYTRAL and Vientiane Capital during 2013-2015 .

The aim of the workshop is to define a corridor for a future transit route, among the three priority corridors identified by the partners. At the end of the workshop, the Lao partners would be in capacity to take a decision on the choice of the first mass transit route.

This political choice will be guided by using a multi-criteria analysis which will be conducted during the workshop by a multidisciplinary team of experts from Lao and Lyon, gathering planners, transportation engineers, network operators transit. From a technical point of view, the conclusions of the workshop will help define the terms of reference of the project, to be able to request for funding for the pursuit of more and operational studies for the realization the project.

The first day will consist of a plenary session including an expanded number of Laotian participants (political and technical representatives of the Ministry and Vientiane Capital). The next two days will be organized in small technical workshops, to conduct multi-criteria analysis on three areas identified for inserting a first line of transit and consider the implementation of the project and its phasing in short and medium term . The last day will be devoted to the return of the workshop by the Lao and French partners. It will be aimed at political representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Vientiane Capital , partners and donors.

Partenaires associés

SYTRAL (Syndicat Mixte des Transports pour le Rhône et l’Agglomération Lyonnaise)

SYTRAL est l’autorité organisatrice des transports urbains lyonnais exploités sous les marques TCL et Optibus.


d’Urbanisme pour le Développement de l’Agglomération Lyonnaise est une association loi 1901.Elle regroupe 34 partenaires à vocation d’intérêt général : collectivités territoriales, Etat, Syndicats mixtes, …


fruit de l’union de Coteba et de Sogreah , est un leader du management de projet, de l’ingénierie, du conseil dans les domaines de la construction, des infrastructures…


Keolis est l’un des leaders mondiaux de la mobilité partagée. Expert de la multimodalité, le Groupe est le partenaire des décideurs publics qui souhaitent faire de la mobilité un levier d’attractivité et de vitalité de leur territoire.