CODATU XI – 2004 – Bucharest (Romania) : Towards more attractive urban transport

Publication Sunday 25 April 2004

CODATU XI conference took place in Bucharest (Romania) from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2004. Urban public transport represents a major factor of the economic and social development of the City of Bucharest, capital of Romania, and it meets the needs for a modern, safe transport, both urban and suburban. Bucharest has a population of over 2 million people plus another 250.000 living in the metropolitan area. The high density of population (about 91 inhabitants/ha) offers excellent conditions for public transport. Likewise, the increase of the part played by urban public transport in the economic development, rising of the living standard of the people, and improvement of the traffic conditions is evident in all the capitals of the Eastern Europe.

This International Conference focused on changes and challenges experienced by the cities in this part of the world, while retaining its world-wide general orientation. It gathered close to 75 communications coming from all over the world, a huge variety of topics, approaches, points of vue and opinions centered on the attractive aspect of urban transport. The common approach is centered on users preferences for the modal choice of transport (frequency, commuting time, comfort) and external impact measurement (environment).


Session 1 : Public transport evolution in response to the new constraints and demands

Chairman: Prof. Stelian DOROBANTU

Session 2 : External impacts of Urban Transport

Chairman: Dr. Mihai MIHAITA

Session 3 : Organisation and regulation of public transport

Chairman: Eng. Constantin DUMITRESCU

Session 4 : Low-income population and non-motorized transport

Chairman: Prof.Dr. Cristian ANDREESCU

Session 5 : Operation of public transport

Chairman: P. FREEMAN

Session 6 : Modal integration

Chairman: Prof.Dr. Valentin ANTON

Session 7 : Quality in public transport

Chairman : Prof.Dr. Gheorghe LUCACI


Session 8 : Private sector and urban transport organisation

Chairman : Eng. Constantin BALLO

Session 9 : Traffic and parking management

Chairman: Eng. Michael STANCIU

Session 10 : Urban transport planning – tools, processes and institutional aspects

Chairman: R. PETERSEN

Session 11 : Urban roadway

Chairman: P. GIARD

Session 12 : Strategy and policy in urban transport

Chairman: Arch. Marinela BERZA



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