is a nonprofit organization with an international vocation which promotes international exchange between different actors, both in transport and urban mobility fields: governments, companies, research institutes and professional of urban planning. Every two years, CODATU organizes a conference designed to highlight the scientific and practical experiences contributing to the implementation of a sustainable urban mobility in cities of developing countries.

The fifteenth conference of CODATU (CODATU XV) will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, from 22 to 25 October 2012. 32 years after CODATU I in Dakar, Senegal, and ten years after CODATU X in Lomé, Togo, CODATU XV is a new occasion to celebrate Africa’s efforts to achieve sustainable urban mobility. Participants will thus be invited to reflect on progress made during this decade and open perspectives for the next one.

The International Scientific Committee, composed of 31 members employed by key institutions of the urban mobility sector, has chosen, for this conference, the theme “The Role of urban mobility in (re) shaping cities”.

In order to identify ways to systematically improve urban mobility in rapidly expanding cities, CODATU XV proposes a large thought platform assembling the whole institutional framework necessary for completion of sustainable transportation initiatives.


1.What form of governance is required for promoting sustainable mobility?
2.How do you plan the cities of the future? What is the link between transport and town planning? What kind of transport infrastructure can lead to sustainable cities?
3.What types of transport should be deployed? How do you manage traffic?
4.How do we deal with the needs of people in transport policy? How to make transport systems equitable?