CODATU Annual report 2017

The year 2017 has been exceptional in the history of CODATU, for several reasons.

The turnover is 75% higher compared to 2016, mainly due to
new conventions such as the FEXTE Brazil, the support to the Dakar Transport Authority and the launch of MobiliseYourCity and GoSUMP.

The MobilizeYourCity multi-donor program, whose concept was initially presented during COP 21 by CODATU, is now into an operational development phases since mid-2017. CODATU participates in the secretariat in Brussels, in the steering committee, and oversees the implementation in 4 countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and Cameroon.

The 17th CODATU Conference in Hyderabad, India, was a remarkable success in parallel with the Urban Mobility India event. It was also a relevant follow up after the remarkable technical cooperation of CODATU with the authorities of Kochi in parallel of the construction of the metro. The next CODATU conference was announced for November 2020 in Dakar, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of CODATU and because of the major projects underway on the Senegalese capital in the field of urban transport.

This annual report, which presents a summary of actions taken, was approved at the Annual General Meeting held May 15, 2018.