New year, new logo & new project !

New year, new logo & new project !
Chargée de projet / Project manager
CODATU News Thursday 10 January 2019

For CODATU, this new year is an opportunity to renew its visual identity and present its new multi-year strategy!

A new visual identity

After many years of loyal service, the CODATU logo is renewed. Simpler and more modern, our new logo keeps the specificities of CODATU: a global vision evoked by its circular shape and the notions of exchange, network and interdependence represented by the double arrow. Green replaces red to symbolize the sustainable reach of our urban mobility projects.

A new multi-year strategy

A project for the coming years has been elaborated for 6 months by the CODATU Executive Board, the team and the members of the association. It is divided into fifty sub-actions grouped into five main types of actions (see below). This project was validated during the Board meeting of October 5th. This is an important moment to clarify CODATU’s priorities for the coming years, to develop relations with members, and to be more effective in the field of sustainable urban mobility policies in cities in the South.

The 5 main types of actions of CODATU:

1. Produce, disseminate, valorize, capitalize on knowledge and research …
2. Develop initial / continuous / distance training …
3. Develop and disseminate tools, methods, experiences …
4. Accompany / Support the authorities in charge of urban mobility in the field …
5. Multiscale lobbying (cities, countries, regions, global)

Learn more :

Access the summary version of CODATU’s multi-year strategy [in French]