Mission report: CODATU in Niamey

CODATU News Monday 3 December 2018

At the request of the President of the Special Delegation (PDS) of Niamey, CODATU carried out an on-site mission from 12 to 17 November 2018. The team consisted of Christian Philip (General Secretary of CODATU), Jean-Jacques Helluin (Executive Manager of CODATU) and Thibault De Lambert (CODATU Board member and DG of RATP Cooperation).

Five objectives were assigned to this mission:

  • To study the feasibility and the program of what could be the first Urban Mobility Forum of Niamey, in order to initiate a dynamic regarding sustainable urban mobility ;
  • To support the elaboration of a first strategy of the City of NIAMEY with regard to urban mobility ;
  • To open Niamey abroad on these questions, by:
    • explaining the MobilizeYourCity program and helping the city of Niamey to apply for technical support to develop a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan
    • explaining CODATU’s Cities Alliance initiative and helping the city of Niamey to develop decentralized cooperation in the field of urban mobility
    • sharing the current experience in Ouagadougou (project to create a new bus system), in order to draw a set of lessons that could inspire a revival of SOTRUNI to NIAMEY.
  • To identify the main capacity building needs in that field, and relevant trainings.

The delegation was received by the Prime Minister who showed all his interest for the action initiated by the PDS. He expressed support for the initiatives undertaken and indicated that this was a priority for his government. The Minister of Transport, also confirmed this commitment and the leadership role of the PDS of the city of Niamey.