European Mobility Exhibition: CODATU organises a European Session, Tuesday the 14 june

European Mobility Exhibition: CODATU organises a European Session, Tuesday the 14 june
Julien Allaire
Directeur des activités internationales
CODATU News Thursday 9 June 2016

Mobility Exhibition from 14 to 16 june in Paris

Transports Publics, the European Mobility Exhibition, is the biennial exhibition for all the key players in public transport and sustainable mobility from across Europe. Over 10,000 participants come together over three days in Paris to discuss the latest innovations for urban, interurban and regional transport, as well as green mode transport. Transports Publics is recognised as the leading European showcase for innovations in equipment, services and policies relating to the entire mobility sector, bringing together leading European decision-makers from transport and politics.

CODATU organises a roundtable just after the opening session of the Congress organised by GART & UTP untitled: Six months on from the COP21 climate conference, how can sustainable mobility helps combat climate change?

Tuesday the 14th of June – 11:30 – 12:30: Urban mobility as part of the global agenda: from COP21 to Habitat III

After COP21, the next global summit, Habitat III, will be devoted to cities. This conference is to determine a “new urban agenda” at the international level. After the Paris agreement at the end of the COP21 conference, the next challenge is to implement ‘sustainable cities’. This session looks at the key issues with regard to urban mobility and will have a special focus on innovations that are attending to contribute to urban transport transformation.

Intervenants :

Animateur : Julien ALLAIRE, Executive Manager, CODATU

This year, the City of Medellin and Metro de Medellin are Guests of Honour at the European Mobility Exhibition, as Medellin is developing the use of various forms of public transport (bus, metro, train, cable system and more) and has one of the pioneer multimodal systems in Colombia.

Partenaires associés

Groupement des Autorités Responsables de Transport (GART)

Plus de 200 autorités organisatrices de transport – autorités organisatrices de la mobilité, départements et régions français – sont adhérentes auprès du GART. Fondé en 1980, le GART est une plate-forme d’échanges et de réflexion au service des élus transport, le GART propose des axes de travail visant à impulser la mise en place de la mobilité durable. Le GART représente toutes les sensibilités politiques.

UTP (Union des Transports Publics et Ferroviaires)

est l’organisation professionnelle des entreprises de transport urbain et des entreprises ferroviaires (fret et voyageurs) en France.