CODATU will accompany the city of Hanoi on urban logistics issues in order to reduce urban pollution

CODATU News Tuesday 12 November 2019

AFD has accepted the proposal submitted by the consortium of which CODATU is part to accompany the People’s Committee of Hanoi (PCH) in the “Definition of a sustainable investment program for the City of Hanoi & implementation of a device technical assistance “

This three-year project led by Espelia is part of the strategy developed by the PCH to reduce atmospheric pollution in the agglomeration. It focuses on three interrelated axes:

  • Improving air quality (piloted by AirParif)
  • Urban logistics (piloted by CODATU)
  • Waste management (piloted by Espelia)

The ultimate objective is to determine investment plans, accompanied by technical, social and financial measures, for each of these axes. This objective is accompanied by actions to reinforce the skills of local actors.

Additional strategic studies are included, notably concerning electromobility, the renewal of vehicle fleets, in which several CODATU experts will intervene. Two resident experts in Hanoi will be in charge of direct contacts with local partners and on-site project management in liaison with the key experts working on themes and themes.