[Call for Papers] 11th EASTS Conference in Cebu, Philippines on September 11-14, 2015

Julien Allaire
Directeur des activités internationales
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The Call for Papers of the 11th EASTS Conference in Cebu, Philippines on September 11-14, 2015 has been just released. The theme of this conference is “Resilient and Inclusive Transportation Systems through Smarter Mobility”.

can be found here.

There are several major differences from previous conferences, as shown below.


In the 11th EASTS, paper reviewing process is slightly changed. Please be careful for the differences in the following schedules.

Reviewed Papers: Academic or practical papers are peer-reviewed for the publication in the Asian Transport Studies (ATS) journal, the EASTS Journal, or the EASTS Proceedings. From this conference, papers selected for the ATS journal (Issues 1 & 2) and EASTS Journal will be published in the same year.

Non-Reviewed Papers: The papers (just one-page abstracts) are briefly reviewed for an acceptance to be presented. The accepted papers will be included in the CD-ROM in the conference material. These papers are not selected into EASTS Proceedings, EASTS Journal, or ATS, but financial support for some of these papers is still available.

ATS: The 3rd and 4th Issues of the ATS journal will accept papers from general authors, just like other journals. Special issues may be prioritized. Call for special issues have been just announced.


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