World Summit Climates and Territories, Lyon (France) 1-2 july 2015: CODATU in charge of “transport and mobility” workshop

World Summit Climates and Territories, Lyon (France) 1-2 july 2015: CODATU in charge of “transport and mobility” workshop
Julien Allaire
Directeur des activités internationales
CODATU News Monday 1 June 2015


1st and 2nd July 2015, Lyon welcomes the World Summit Climates and Territories. It aims to mobilise local governments and non-state actors on the way to COP21 that will take place in December in Paris.

A summit for non-state actors to show their commitment!

The Summit will gather over 900 elected local representatives from all continents invited by a coalition of local governments, as well as actors from the private sector and civil society. Six months before COP21, this event gives these actors who are not directly involved in international climate negotiations the opportunity to show their commitment to reduce CO2 emissions and encourage the States to reach an agreement that achieves the 2°C target in 2100.

During the Summit, workshops will be organised to tackle all major areas that are important for climate change (Forest – Mobility and transports – Education, mobilisation, awareness raising – Energy generation, distribution and consumption – Low carbon economy and jobs – Agriculture – Decentralised cooperation and Territorial partnerships – Financing – Adaptation – Territorial planning). The objective of these sessions is to amend and finalise the texts that partners have drafted prior to arrival.

These declarations include commitments and recommendations and will be adopted by representatives of local governments and delivered to François Hollande, president of the French Republic, Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

CODATU, facilitating dialogue about mobility and transport

CODATU is co-piloting the workshop « Mobility and Transport », and will coordinate the draft that will be submitted to local representatives. The CO2 emissions reduction potential in urban mobility is important, especially because low-carbon mobility policies address the challenges emerging cities face: congestion, air pollution, and road safety. Decision makers the world over acknowledge that inclusive urban mobility policies foster economic development while addressing local challenges and climate change.
The workshop will also give the opportunity to present the Initiative that CODATU is leading which aims to promote sustainable urban mobility planning in emerging cities and to value related CO2 emission reductions within the climate negotiation framework (see the Initiative Sustainable Urban Mobility: What’s your plan?). The Summit will be the starting point for pilot cities and countries that want to join the Initiative.

If you wish to contribute to drafting the commitments and if you would like more information on CODATU’s mission during the Summit and on the Initiative Sustainable Urban Mobility: What’s your plan?, contact Maël Martinie.

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