CODATU at the 36th National Meeting of Town Planning Agencies – Lyon (France)

CODATU News Wednesday 14 October 2015

days to rethink the place of the individual in our evolving cities

Every year, Town Planning Agencies gather for three days, with 800 participants leading extensive discussions on the future of cities and territories. This 36th meeting will question the place of the individual in the city and how to put him at the heart of Public Action.

The meeting will take place in Lyon from 19th to 21st of October 2015. 17 workshops will be organized, among which one will focus on para transit in developing cities. CODATU has been sollicitated by FNAU to contribute to this round table.

Tuesday 20th October, 9am: CODATU part of the round-table

“Cities in southern countries: individual or collective initiatives versus public policies. Analysis of Para transit as an alternative to Public Transport”

Developing cities, especially african cities, are currently facing an importante urban population growth, in a context of weak local governance. The civil society, individually or collectively, informally, tries to mitigate the weaknesses of the public service by organizing the access to urban services (informal waste management, para transit…), building their housing or working in the informal market. Some people consider this as a strength and a source of innovation, a practical solution for the development of southern cities, in a context of governance and economic crisis, from which urban policies needs to be rethought. Others consider that individual business cannot ensure neither social nor spatial fairness.

How to ensure integrated urban policies, articulating strong public prerogatives and individual initiatives? Under which conditions?

CODATU will participate to the round-table, in the presence of Pablo Salazar Ferro (Consultant) and Christian Philip (Secretary General of CODATU).

For more information, visit the event’s website and the page of the round-table.

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